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Maintaining Your Septic System Is Extremely Important; Find Out Why

Untreated wastewater from a property flows into the septic tank, where the solids separate from the liquids. Some solids, such as soap scum or fat, will float to the top of the tank to form a scum layer.

Heavier solids, such as human and kitchen wastes, settle to the bottom of the tank as sludge. Self forming bacteria in the tank help the system "digest" these solids or sludge. The remaining liquids flow out of the tank to a land drainage system or drain field. Baffles built into the tank hold back the floating scum from moving past the outlet of the tank.

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It is generally recommended that septic tanks be pumped out annually, or the sludge and scum layers be measured at least every year so that solids don't wash out into the soil treatment system. Solids can clog the soil and limit its ability to properly treat the septic-tank effluent. The effluent from a septic tank still contains about 70% of the polluted matter in the sewage, and hence there is a need for further treatment of the liquid from the tank. If tanks are not installed or maintained properly, this sewage can seep out of the tank before it has been adequately treated and contaminate the surrounding ground.


Proper design, installation, and maintenance of your septic system will maximize your system's life. It will prevent failures that can be unsightly, foul-smelling, and threatening to your family's health. Good maintenance reduces the risk of contaminating your well water, and may save you from costly repairs or system replacement.

Septic tank inspection may be required by lenders when you sell or refinance your home. The repair of a failing system is usually a cost to the seller. So, ignoring your septic system will not save money in the long term!
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